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People often ask what I look for in a team member and as we look to expand our salon’s team. I thought I would share what it takes to be on our team.

1. Ability To Fail

“Experience is the ability to recognize a mistake when you are about to make it again”

From a sugar packet in a diner.You can’t learn from mistakes if YOU don’t make any. On the teams I want to be on, failure is an option, but no excuses, no justifying, denying or laying blame. My goal in life is to make as many mistakes as I can, once, and learn from them each time. I knew someone who tried out for a job at a great salon and didn’t get the position because they weren’t a great cutter, so they went home and redid the haircut to show me they could do it perfectly, and what they showed me looked great.But when I turned it to the other side, I noticed the same “hole” that caused them not to get the position and I asked why they only showed me the good side of their “perfect haircut.” I never thought of them the same. It’s ok to be wrong, it’s a big red flag for me when people need to be right.

2.   Love of Learning

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

– Nelson Mandela

If I’m not making myself better by constantly learning and having new experiences, I can’t share ideas that can benefit those around me. And if they are not doing the same, then eventually they can’t help me get better with their knowledge and ideas.

3.   Be Remarkable

“Whatever you are, be the good one.” – Abraham Lincoln

If you want to be a team member on a team I’m on, be the good one. If that is being the best associate/assistant, then be that and be remarkable, we will get you the best training to become the best cutter or colorist you can be. But if your goal is to be a stylist who is happy sitting in the backroom or happy doing guests once because the haircuts, colors or finishes are good, then look for a different team. I have had people tell me how great they are and all the amazing things they have done and then I Google them and nothing pops up. Today, you need to be remarkable, and that does mean you are neat or cool, it means that people will make a remark about your shampoo, head massage, service, color, cut, finish, etc. to someone else, and hopefully it’s a good one.

4.   Have A Personality/Know Your Brand

Branding is creating something unique in a person’s mind that differentiates you from the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.  If your goal is to be the best kept secret and you don’t want to be a brand, our team is probably not for you. From the stylist that can do a few haircuts, but better than everyone else, to the stylist that has a new look every time you see them, from the creative cutter, to the colorist that creates beautiful, sexy believable, hair or a time efficient colorist, today you need to know your brand.

5.   Be Ready To Work 150% When You Agree To Work

I do several jobs, from being a Real Estate Broker and leading a team, to owning a salon and seeing clients.  I also coach other salon owners and even some event planning and catering too. So, I understand not having a “full time job,” but instead many opportunities.  The key for me is, when I am “there,” wherever “there” is, everything else doesn’t matter because I can’t give 100% to what I am doing if I’m checking emails and get a bad one, or have a challenging call in the morning before I’m about to show a house. So, no matter if it is 1 day a month or 5 days a week, always give 100% and be ready to step up from there to help another team member, take another guest or even sweep the floor to help out the team. And, being hung-over is not a medical excuse.

6.   Know How To Create Guests

If you are waiting for guests in the backroom, that train left the station a long time ago.  So, whether it’s being able to turn 1 new guest into 10 or getting out of the salon and networking and meeting people in new disruptive ways, team members need to know how to get guests in their chair. And if you want to work at a salon like ours, which is a destination location, that includes knowing how to get a guest to a location that is less convenient for a more personal experience.

I always look for team members at every level that have something that can make us better. I am excited as we continue to grow the success of our salon and grow our team as we look for 2 to 3 new members that know how to create success, aren’t afraid to fail, don’t make excuses and want to work hard while having fun with amazing guests.

To set up an interview and schedule an audition to be part of our team, please email Curtis.

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