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Platinum for Dummies

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As an engineer, I’ve learned that the solution to a complex problem is this:

  • You try things
  • You fail
  • You celebrate your failure (I drink)
  • You try again
  • Repeat until awesome

This accurately explains my journey going from brown to platinum.

First Try: I went to a cheap stylist and my hair was eternally fried and damaged. I drank, I went back to brown, then I tried again.

Second Try: I went to a high quality stylist and he gradually lightened my hair to reduce the damage. But, between my rusty water, and the daily damage I did to my hair, I eventually ended up with a strawberry hue that was too stubborn to go away. I drank, I went back to brown, then I tried again.

Third Try: I went BACK to my high quality stylist. He made me PROMISE not to wash my hair every day. He additionally made me promise never to wash my hair in rusty water again. I’m blonde and fabulous for almost a whole year! Then summer comes 🙂 Dummy owns a pool, sprays sunscreen directly on her dry hair…drink, brown, try again…

Fourth Try: After a loooooong lecture from my (now savior) of a stylist, he taught me all the rule of Platinum for Dummies:

  • Don’t wash your hair every day Dummy
  • Your hair will soak up bad stuff easily, so saturate it with good stuff before potentially harmful stuff Dummy: (chlorine, sunblock, bad water, etc.)
  • There is no such thing as too much moisture Dummy. I now sleep in the deep conditioners he gives me.
  • There is no such thing as too much moisture Dummy. Yes, he had to tell me this several times…

I’ve been successfully platinum for almost 2.5 years now!!! And here are the savior stylists / salons / products that have saved my life / drank with me / keep me in great color!

Evolve Salon in Indianapolis #EvolveYourStyle
Curtis Holland, Owner at Evolve Salon
Keune Bond Fusion #KeuneInAmerica
Purology Hydrate
Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel
Kevin Murphy Young Again

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