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Hair Color Questions

By Curtis Holland

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1. I want pastel or silver-colored hair, but my hair is dark.  Is it possible?  What should I expect for upkeep?

Silver hair and cool pastel tones are always possible when you start as a blonde or have dark hair that is 100% natural.

First, your hair must be lightened enough so the pale color can stain it. For cooler colors like silver, violet, light blue, light gray or mint green, your hair color must be lifted to almost white. This is totally possible and works great if your hair is already bleached, highlighted blonde or is completely natural. It will take much longer to get natural darker colored hair light enough to take a pastel or silver color.

Warmer pastel tones like coral, pink, rose gold and lime green are a bit easier to achieve because the hair only needs to be lifted to a light yellow. These colors also tend to last a bit longer. Pastel hair is a commitment. Of course, it’s one we feel is worth it. The results are amazing! Once you have a creative color, we advise you to wash your hair just once or twice a week to help hold the color. Because the hair is bleached it needs shampoo much less frequently. Our clients come in once a month to have us refresh the color.

The brighter, darker or richer your purple, pink, or gray is when you leave the salon the longer the color will last. The pastel fades with each wash, but we love the way it looks as it does.

2. My hair is naturally dark or has been previously colored. Can I get a bright color on the first try?

Naturally dark hair is super easy to get beautiful and bright the first try! Bleach is no longer a scary chemical that damages natural hair. With it, we can lift your original color and give you stunning rainbow colors on that very day.

Previously colored hair (even grown and washed out for a whole year) can usually go really pretty and bright on the same day, unless the previous color is black or dark brown. In that case, we’d like to consult and make a plan with you.

As professionally trained hairstylists, we can only give you what your hair can handle. Unfortunately all hair is not created equal and results may vary. Generally we recommend coming in for two or three appointments to get hair to a bright blonde, white enough for that bright pink/green/purple/blue and red to show. Consultations are required and if you feel so inclined, we can always do a test strand.

3. My hair has to be bleached first? Will that damage it?

When you lighten hair, you always blow up the cuticle a little bit. Depending on the condition of your hair you may notice only a bit more texture or a total change in the feel of your hair. We are here to talk you through all of this before we start. With the proper at-home care, like protein masques every other week and little-to-no heat styling, your hair won’t hate being lightened. It will feel different but many people love the new texture and body!

4. How often should I expect to come in for color touch-ups?

Since those dreamy pastels and vibrant hues are direct dyes, the more often you wash the hair, the faster the color will come out. Most upkeep will be every four weeks. Whatever you do, don’t wait too long to get your color freshened. If you wait too long, the hair will have to be bleached twice and you will get a brassy band. No one wants that, right?

5. How do I keep up my beautiful new color?

Start by washing your hair less frequently. Wash in cold to luke-warm water—never hot. Invest in a dry shampoo! Kevin Murphy and Keune make wonderful products to help hide those natural scalp oils in between washes. When you do wash your hair, make sure to use only color safe products.

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